Friday, October 26, 2007

The Damson Tree

The Damson Tree - A
Dots in A

Here is another pipe tune for you. I'm sorry it's been a few weeks! This has been for a couple of reasons. Part of it was trying to think about doing a tune with extra notes in it, I wanted to do a tune from our repertoire, but they all have high Bs in them. If you'd like to see some of our tunes, the dots for all of them are on our website. I've included one track on this podcast for you from Scatter Pipes to listen to.

Finally I hope I haven't compressed this podcast too much. I suspect I was a little heavy handed on the compression, sorry about that! I hope it's ok and please, all feedback is gratefully received!


michael.. said...

Hi there,

I have been trying to work out how to make podcasts of posts I make to my school blog, running on blogger, when I came across your blog. Very interesting. Can you advise me how to do something similar to this?

Many thanks in advance. If you get back to me, I'll send you my blog url. (i'm in Scotland)



michael.. said...

Hi, I have listened a bit more to your very interesting podcasts! I am a primary school teacher, I teach in East Lothian, and my class have a blog with a Finnish school, near to Varkaus, central Finland. We have been blogging lots of things to each other this year, but I'd really like to introduce podcasts, so that the Finnish children (and teacher!) can hear what we are saying, and so they can do the same- potential for language learning is huge here, I think.
We use iBooks at our school, have Garageband, but I have no knowledge of how to get from the iBook recording , to get the mp3 onto our blog.
Url is

Can you give me any advice? I'd be very appreciative if you can!
Many thanks in advance,

Michael Purves

michael.. said...

Forgot to add, my email address is