Thursday, February 23, 2006

SSP tutor podcast No. 2

Welcome back! I've had some wonderful comments from people about the first podcast, so here at last is the second. I'm making a couple of alterations to the chapter one, especially the tuning of the drones. It was pointed out that the 'throbbing' of the drones gets slower not faster, so sorry!!!! That'll change!!! (Then I'll re-put the file!)

I hope you're getting used to my 'colloquial' speak. I'm going to post up some questions for you to answer for me very very soon, but to keep you going here is the next file!!!! As always, please e-mail me with feedback. Absolutely anything, from this works, to this doesn't. Even if the tutor just makes you feel good about playing, anything that springs to your mind! Please, please, please! Right, enough chatter, on with the tutor!