Sunday, January 31, 2016

Polska efter Jonas Hansson

I've bought some new software, so I've been playing with it today. I've recorded and videoed a nice little polska from Småland.  I spent a while looking for a tune with the G natural in it because it had been requested, but I still wanted it playable on normal SSPs (i.e. not with the minor 6) and this is the one I found!

It's playable on both säckpipa and Scottish smallpipes as long as you have a thumb hole for the right hand. I spent so long on the arrangement that I ran out of time to create the Scottish small pipe version - but after you've watched the video I'm sure you'll forgive me!

The duet part that is included isn't playable as written on the pipes, but I thought you might like it anyway and it would be quite easy just to put the notes that are too low up and octave. This is how I played it.

So this is a polska I've found on my search for bagpipe-able tunes from Småland. Polska after Jonas Hansson and it's from the Carl-Erik Södling manuscript. I think it's gorgeous! See what you think!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Polska från Gladhammar

A new year and a new start! It's definitely time to start blogging again, I'm in the middle of some pretty hefty work on Swedish säckpipa tunes and putting together a collection of tunes from the county of Småland, where my family is from. It's been a pretty intense time collating this collection. So for the next six months I want to share some of what I've found. As much as possible I'm going to try to blog versions of tunes on both Scottish smallpipes and the Swedish säckpipa, it won't always be possible, but here goes nothing!

So I'm kicking off the year with a tune called Polska fern Gladhammar after Johan Petter.