Thursday, July 13, 2017

Vals efter Gustaf Elfström

It's been a while! I keep meaning to keep posting more bagpipe videos, but the nyckelharpa keeps getting in the way! But I am running a course next spring, so it's time to start video blogging in earnest! You can find all the details on my website. In a nutshell though:

23rd - 25th March 2018
Swedish Bagpipe Tunes at Halsway Manor
I play bagpipes in these different keys, so these different keys are welcome!
  • säckpipa in A/E
  • säckpipa in D/G
  • Scottish smallpipes in D or A
  • English Border pipes in G
So here is a nice simple little Swedish tune played on all three pipes (one after the other) and a little advert for the weekend at Halsway! I've included the tune in all three keys.
Enjoy and hope to see you at Halsway in March!