Sunday, January 30, 2005

Smallpiper Folk Podcast Number 1.

No. 1 - To Catch a Cat
This is the first Smallpiper Folk Podcast. It's dedicated to learning tunes. The link above (if you're looking from blogger is the podcast mp3. It is 13Mb, so if you're on dial up you could be some time! If anyone on dialup would like to take part drop me a line and I'll snailmail a copy on CD.

This is a flute tune I wrote called 'To Catch a Cat' .The mp3 above teaches the tune, two bars by two bars, then four bars, then one part etc. Gradually building the tune up. Included is the duet version from the album Thumb Twiddling.

If you'd like the dots, right click and download from here.
I hope this all works ok, it's still an experiment. Give me feedback!