Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Cave - Swedish Bagpipes

Download the podcast.
Download the dots to the tune.
The second of my Swedish Bagpipe podcasts. A polska this time, a triplet or 8-note polska. It's written out with dotted quaver and semi-quavers, but they should be played as triplets, swung, a little like you would do in jazz music. Technically speaking the piece should be written in 9/8, because that is more accurate to how it is played, but I discovered it's actually easier to read it in 3/4. Just make sure you swing it. I hope you love the tune as much as I love it! If you're wondering, the third part is played on my Scottish Smallpipes in A, but I've swapped bits of my drone around to make one of my D drones into an E. I then liberally use my C natural thumb hole and high G# key and avoid all Fs. Another of these soon I hope! :D