Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Chapter Six

Chapter Six Podcast
Chapter Six PDF

I managed to get this chapter recorded and edited and up in less than a month this time, hurrah! I've been getting some wonderful feedback from all over the world, so thank you so very much. If you've not said hello to me yet, please, please do! If you want to e-mail the feedback through you can use this address: vix[@] you'll need to remove the square brackets!

This month it's more gracenotes, strikes (or blaps as I've affectionately labelled them). Again the chapter is really long weighing in at 46Mb, this is 1Mb smaller than last month though. No-one complained that it was too long, so I've left it at this length again. If you think it is too long though, do drop me a line and let me know!

I hope I've not screwed up on any numbering this time, I've exported the pdf from the version I was reading and not taken the shot cut of using the pdf I created earlier. I've hopefully exported it ok for PC users to read.

I've been contemplating what I am trying to do and ultimately what actually is my research question. It occurred to me that this sums it up:

"How can I reach and help students improve the quality of their learning using the internet and podcasting?"

This is my action research quest if you like. How can I help you improve the quality of your learning? I know that some movies would ultimately help, but the size of file would be immense, so maybe I need to intersperse the tutor podcasts with some video casts of smaller chunks of technique learning? What do you think? Would that be useful?

I'd love to hear any reflections of learning remotely like this, things like: how did you find this podcast? Are you finding it helpful? What's it like as a remote learner? Do you like the anonymity? Is it easier to learn when you like and at home? Any thoughts at all!

I would love to hear any recordings that you make of any of these podcasts, so please send any though, that would be so fantastic!!!!



PS oh yes, the server that the files are held on get backed up from time to time, so if they're not available, it could be that a backup is in progress and they'll work again in a couple of hours.