Sunday, February 20, 2005

Podcast No. 4 - Flute Tune

No. 4 Tsunami (Flute/Whistle)
The Dots

Thanks for tuning into the fourth Smallpiper Podcast. This week it's another flute tune, but you can play it on any instrument (except Smallpipes, too any notes, sorry!) I hope I've got the download address correct first time this time. (Sorry about that too!) I did a mix of 'bit by bit' this week. Two by Two, then the whole tune. I hope this works ok. I believe it adds a lot for people who want to learn it by ear and not use the dots. This is flute tune, it's a two part 6/8 slow air that I wrote after the Tsunami disaster. I think we were all affected deeply at this time and it inspired this tune. I wrote it as a trio, but I've only included the tune here. Give me a shout if you'd like the other two parts.
THanks for all your feedback so far! Please keep it coming! It'll be another pipe tune next week. A faster tune I think, time to branch away from the slow airs and be adventurous.
Thanks again

Friday, February 11, 2005

SSP Podcast No. 3

No.3 - Lullaby for the Sleepy in A
No.3 - Lullaby for the Sleepy in D (broken link and lost file) :(
The dots in A!
The dots in D! (broken link and lost file) :(


This is the third Smallpiper Folk Podcast. Thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback that I've had so far! It's been great! I've not used the repeat the two bar thing this time, so I hope it's still ok! As in the last tune I used GarageBand to create a veeeeeery simple backing, the chords don't really fit, but it makes it slightly more interesting to listen to. I've recorded it as a duet, and the dots have got both parts, but I've split them into apart and not directly ontop of each other. I hope this helps a bit. Again the cast weighs in at 16Mb, so not for dial up really. For those of you on dial up I'm going to put three smallpipe podcasts onto one CD and snail it so you should get it soon after the next cast. (I hope that's ok)

I mention in the podcast that I've already taught tunes using a normal website, you can see this here. If you fancy giving me feedback here with a comparison of what you've found easier, then that'd be really great!

I'm busy making an archive of these podcasts on a website so that you can download all the different componants, ie the full cast, the tunes, the harmonies etc. I should have it done over the weekend. I hope this helps a bit!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Folk Tune Podcast No 2. for SSP

No. 2 - The Dusty Pipes
This is the second Smallpiper Folk Podcast. This week I've taught a smallpipe tune, in the key of A. Non-bagpipers can still give the tune a go.

This tune is called "The Dusty Pipes" It's dedicated to all those people who have ever had to leave a much loved musical instrument behind at home. Again I've taught it 2 bars by 2 bars, 4 bars by 4 bars etc. If you think this doesn't work here then let me know and I'll have a re-think how to do this! Included is a very cheesy version of the tune with a backing made in a Mac program called GarageBand. I know the chords don't really fit, but it sort of does the job for this podcast.

If you'd like the dots, right click and download from here.

This podcast is slightly longer than last weeks. So it weighs in at 18Mb. Again, if you'd like this, but you're on dialup, give me a shout and I'll snail it to you! You can give feedback either here or on our message board. Thanks again!