Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Chapter Five

Chapter Five Podcast
Chapter Five PDF

I figured a month was long enough in between posts! I've had some nice feedback, but I know that more people are downloading the files than are saying hello! So please, even if it's just a a hello, please let me know you're out there! Even if it's a negative comment, like what you're doing is no good, I'd like to hear it!

This month it's the turn of grace notes. This can be controversial, so I just want to point out that some of the gracenotes that I've included are there to give you the facility to use them. What I am teaching isn't gospel! So do the exercises, learn the gracenotes and then apply them as you see fit!

This chapter is also really long. I was going to cut it into two halves, but I really want to publish it today and it would mean going back and re-recording a new ending and a new start. It would be interesting to hear if you think this is too long! I know I prefer to listen to podcasts that are around the half hour mark, but I guess that this is a learning/teaching tool and slightly different maybe. Anyway, let me know! If you want to e-mail the feedback through you can use this address: vix[@] you'll need to remove the square brackets!

Please have a look at the questions in the last post and mail me or leave a comment here!
I would so love to hear any recordings that you make of any of these podcasts, so please send any though, that would be so fantastic!!!!