Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Chapter Four and some questions!

Chapter Four Podcast
Chapter Four PDF

Sorry it's been a few too many weeks since my last post! I've been fretting over my research questions and trying to make sure that what I am doing is valid. I'm struggling along with the research methodology of my study and just about everything really. Mostly I'm trying to answer the question, what am I trying to achieve. I'm having a hard time putting it into words really. My background is that of a peripatetic instrumental music teacher (flute mainly) and I'm trying to combine my online work with the concept of being a "peri". I've been getting feedback via e-mails which is fantastic, so please keep that up. I've got some questions for other people too, the people that haven't mailed me!

So here is the next chapter of the tutor book. What I'd like to know is this.

1. Is the tutor book working as a podcast teaching tool. Not so much the pedagogy side of the actual book, but the medium by which I'm teaching with it? No is a perfectly good answer!

2. Did you prefer it when I was just doing tunes? I'm more than happy to go back to that. Obviously I will when the tutor is done with anyway!

3. What is the experience like? What is good about taking the tunes from here (or bad!) I'd like to know a bit about what is good about online learning. Is it essentially a lonesome thing, ie a personal and private thing, to remain anonymous or would you like some personal feedback?

4. Does this whole thing work for you, I guess people that feedback on the whole will be positive, but I'd like to hear negative stuff too!

5. If you're a teacher, are you managing to use any of this material?

Anyway, I'm posting this podcast now. So let me know how you all get on with it! I hope that the pdf works first time this time! In fact I just hope I have all the links correct. Sigh! I'll have better questions next time, I just didn't want you to think I'd abandoned you all! Thanks!!!!