Saturday, February 05, 2005

Folk Tune Podcast No 2. for SSP

No. 2 - The Dusty Pipes
This is the second Smallpiper Folk Podcast. This week I've taught a smallpipe tune, in the key of A. Non-bagpipers can still give the tune a go.

This tune is called "The Dusty Pipes" It's dedicated to all those people who have ever had to leave a much loved musical instrument behind at home. Again I've taught it 2 bars by 2 bars, 4 bars by 4 bars etc. If you think this doesn't work here then let me know and I'll have a re-think how to do this! Included is a very cheesy version of the tune with a backing made in a Mac program called GarageBand. I know the chords don't really fit, but it sort of does the job for this podcast.

If you'd like the dots, right click and download from here.

This podcast is slightly longer than last weeks. So it weighs in at 18Mb. Again, if you'd like this, but you're on dialup, give me a shout and I'll snail it to you! You can give feedback either here or on our message board. Thanks again!



Greg said...

Hi, this is a nice little tune to play. I think that breaking up the tune into small chunks like this would be well suited to a more complicated tune perhaps, but for a simple one like this it may be better to play it through slowly a few times and gradually pick up pace as required. Altogether, I think this is a great approach to teaching the pipes. And, I had a lot of fun playing along with it. :-)

Smallpiper said...

Thanks Greg! You're a star! What standard of playing would you say you are?

Anonymous said...

Vicki - I have been interested in your Web learning research for about a year. (I play HM SSP & Border Pipes) I really think you have something here to teach pipe tunes. I had a little web trouble with the 18meg file. (Buffering stopped at the point you started to talk about going into playing the 2 bar phrases.) So I missed this and can't review on it. I did listen to the 1st Tune you "BLOGED" (I guess there is a new electronic word out there now.)

I hope you don't mind but I'm likely going to copy your idea here for teaching tools for the folks in my Pipe Band. I'm looking forward to getting to my Mac computer at home to sit and play along to learn this tune.

From an internet perspective; I think it might be nice to break the tune up in smaller sections for folks to get back to the spot they were working at should they be interupted or such. (Some media players don't allow you to get the last half of a stream - You have to start from the beginning.) I think also listing the teaching material as a downloadable file would solve this too.

Ken Jones
Portland Oregon USA

Anonymous said...

I am a wayward Northumbrian Smallpiper in North Carolina (USA). I am downloading the file and am looking forward to working on it. Handy that it's in mp3 format since I can put that on my mp3 player and take it with me. I hope you keep this blog going... it's an exciting prospect!

Anonymous said...

I thought that this was just fine. I amazed myself by sticking with it to the end and thought that it was great fun. I cheated and used the dots of course.


Anonymous said...

Hi Viki,

Can you please put up the Dusty Pipes PodCast? The links are dead for me, and i'd love to hear it.


scody at ..

Smallpiper said...

oh pants!
I'm such a nightmare for typos!
Hopefully I've got it right now!
Sorry about that!