Friday, February 11, 2005

SSP Podcast No. 3

No.3 - Lullaby for the Sleepy in A
No.3 - Lullaby for the Sleepy in D (broken link and lost file) :(
The dots in A!
The dots in D! (broken link and lost file) :(


This is the third Smallpiper Folk Podcast. Thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback that I've had so far! It's been great! I've not used the repeat the two bar thing this time, so I hope it's still ok! As in the last tune I used GarageBand to create a veeeeeery simple backing, the chords don't really fit, but it makes it slightly more interesting to listen to. I've recorded it as a duet, and the dots have got both parts, but I've split them into apart and not directly ontop of each other. I hope this helps a bit. Again the cast weighs in at 16Mb, so not for dial up really. For those of you on dial up I'm going to put three smallpipe podcasts onto one CD and snail it so you should get it soon after the next cast. (I hope that's ok)

I mention in the podcast that I've already taught tunes using a normal website, you can see this here. If you fancy giving me feedback here with a comparison of what you've found easier, then that'd be really great!

I'm busy making an archive of these podcasts on a website so that you can download all the different componants, ie the full cast, the tunes, the harmonies etc. I should have it done over the weekend. I hope this helps a bit!


Anonymous said...

I loved this tune, it's definitely the best yet. I'm a flautist, but that didn't matter at all, lovely tune. Could we have the harmony part dots too? Thanks!

Smallpiper said...

Just a quick note to say that I've fixed a few broken links, I hope I didn't break anymore! The server that holds the downloads gets backed up on a Friday night, so they'll be broken links then anyway. Let me know if they still don't work and I'll get the spanner out again!

Anonymous said...

Its working perfectly now! I must say this whole Podcast thing is so cool. I installed the rss reader and ipdoder software, turned on my laptop and boom there you were!
The format worked perfectly for this podcast. Simple tune played slowly allowed me to learn it easily and to have the benefit of listneing to your embellishments etc. It was great. I must say this is the next best thing to a live lesson for sure. I also really appreciated your comments on the technology. Very cool, very helpful.
I also wanted to mention that you inspired me to get out my low d whistle with your first podcast, And since I don't play whistle as much it was really helpful for me that you broke the tune down in segments.
Anyway it is really brilliant that you are doing this and I hope you have time to post another in future.
I am definately subscribed!

Anonymous said...

Um, yes, nice tune but appreciated choice of keys for listening would have liked dots in D as well as A as comfort blanket

Smallpiper said...

Ah, yes, I'd forgotten about that. When I change between chanters I still read the same dots, (in A) you just hear a different pitch. I think quite a few people coming from the Highland tradition read like that. However, I do know that not everyone does, so I've posted up the dots in D as well for you, no problems at all. I'll make sure I do that next time straight off. In the podcast archive you can download the podcast split into different sections, so if you just want the tune, or the harmony you can download that file. (The dots are on the main post and HereThanks for your feedback!