Sunday, February 20, 2005

Podcast No. 4 - Flute Tune

No. 4 Tsunami (Flute/Whistle)
The Dots

Thanks for tuning into the fourth Smallpiper Podcast. This week it's another flute tune, but you can play it on any instrument (except Smallpipes, too any notes, sorry!) I hope I've got the download address correct first time this time. (Sorry about that too!) I did a mix of 'bit by bit' this week. Two by Two, then the whole tune. I hope this works ok. I believe it adds a lot for people who want to learn it by ear and not use the dots. This is flute tune, it's a two part 6/8 slow air that I wrote after the Tsunami disaster. I think we were all affected deeply at this time and it inspired this tune. I wrote it as a trio, but I've only included the tune here. Give me a shout if you'd like the other two parts.
THanks for all your feedback so far! Please keep it coming! It'll be another pipe tune next week. A faster tune I think, time to branch away from the slow airs and be adventurous.
Thanks again


Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki

Podcasts all good. I like having the dots, and its really nice when you also supply the backing track separately. I'm not so keen on the phrase by phrase approach, but that's just me. I prefer it played really slow all the way through. Maybe a slowed down demo of the gracings would be good too.


Anonymous said...

Vicky I am enjoying the work you do with the podcasts. Keep it up.

The phrase learning is good. I think for simple tunes without too many quick notes, Aires etc... could go longer in the phrases.

I would like to say one little negative and that would be the back tracks of drums and electronics etc. All I can say is it does not support the melodic tune you wrote. I would politely suggest the tune would be stronger w/o it.

Ken Jones
Portland Oregon USA

Smallpiper said...

Thanks for those comments. I totally agree about the drumming thing. I have no idea what came over me! Apologies about that! I've been using loops as it was easier and quicker than getting Jonny to play along. I'm about to record another podcast today. So I will bite the bullet and ask Jonny to accompany me this time! Thanks for reminding me that the drums really was "not great"