Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Pipe Tune: No. 5 - The Race for Home

No. 5 The Race for Home in A
No. 5 The Race for Home in D
Dots in A
Dots in D

At last here is the next podcast. (I've been away on holiday, so sorry for the delay in getting this one out!) I also had microphone trauma, so I used a different computer to get this one down! I hope that I have all the links correct first time. Shout if I haven't! This is a pipe tune again and I have included both a D and A version. I cheated on the D though, I recorded the whole lot in A and then used the computer to transpose up to A, so my apologies if it doesn't sound quite the same quality and that my voice in the count ins sounds like I'm on helium. I spent quite a lot of time recording extra parts and really couldn't face re-doing the entire thing in D. I improvised a flute part and bass part and it was getting late, so I hope that the D version is ok! I've included a break down of all the parts in my website too. NOw that I've done three pipe tunes I'm going to snail mail copies out to people not on broadband. Thanks for the heads up about the drum beat, not sure what came over me there! You're right, it didn't fit the melodic structure at all! Hey ho! So no loops at all this week, just me, me, me, me and me. (tee hee). I hope it's ok!
I look forward to hearing from you!


Anonymous said...

Race for Home:
Now that was a very nicely put together tune for the time you spent on it. I think you're beating yourself up about last weeks garageband loop thing too much:) The timing issue you spoke about is important and having something to keep folks on track is good. If you really need it, I think dropping a click track in would work for the learning version. It would be my choice to not have the click track when playing along on the version w/o the main chanter playing.

TUNE: Nice simple tune that is easy to remember. I think this would be a great beginner tune for folks to work on steady tone.

ENSEMBLE: WOW, I really like the string (cello I believe)part with the flowing counter point. Any chance of seeing the dots on the harmony part and/or doing some of counter point with the second on chanter? The balance of slides and vibratto are tastefully placed and sound great! The flute is the candy to the piece and I find provides the timing issue you spoke about to the ensemble.

D TRANSPOSING - What a great time saver. Tone and sound quality quite acceptable. I think you found your time saver for podcasts in D. I guess you could speak really low on the count off to compensate. (Really - just kidding.)

Thanks, I enjoyed the podcast this week. Looking forward to next week. I am going to forward on to our Small Pipe Group the link and try to get everyone to learn the Race for Home for our next session.

Ken Jones
Portland Oregon

Smallpiper said...

Thank you for your excellent comments!!! That really made my evening! I've got the dots for the harmony part, they're here.
The string part was double bass, the bass used to be my first instrument, that's what I studied at music college, I used to play concertos and stuff, but I couldn't play them now, I spend too much time playing the pipes!

Anyway, thanks again, I'll get working on the next tune!