Monday, January 14, 2008

Anna's March - brand new podcast

Anna's March
After what seems like ages I have finally recorded another podcast for all you pipers out there. It's a little 2/4 march. The accompaniment is the usual pipe duet, but with the nyckelharpa and cittra too. I'll get better at playing them I promise! good luck and thanks for listening! I'd love to hear anyone elses version of this tune!


Unknown said...

so glad i checked in.
What a great march. Thanks so much for writing it and posting,
All the best,

declan mc kenna said...

hey just came across your site. I'm learning the GHB but would love to start playing the smallpipes when i get there. I'm in ireland. do you know where I could get a good set? thanks. declan

Steve - Corvallis OR USA said...

I discovered your site from your post on the Bagpipe Forum. I've been browing your tunes and have been having fun learning them. Walking through the tune as you do has made it very easy to get the tune down. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Happy piping