Friday, October 26, 2007

Dusty Pipes

No. 2 - The Dusty Pipes
I've decided to refresh my older podcasts, mostly because my other webspace finally went down and it was easier to refresh the podcasts that I wanted than to edit the links on the oldest ones. So here is my first smallpipe podcast that I did back in 2005:

This week I've taught a smallpipe tune, in the key of A. Non-bagpipers can still give the tune a go.

This tune is called "The Dusty Pipes" It's dedicated to all those people who have ever had to leave a much loved musical instrument behind at home. Again I've taught it 2 bars by 2 bars, 4 bars by 4 bars etc. If you think this doesn't work here then let me know and I'll have a re-think how to do this! Included is a very cheesy version of the tune with a backing made in a Mac program called GarageBand. I know the chords don't really fit, but it sort of does the job for this podcast.

If you'd like the dots, right click and download from here.


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