Friday, October 26, 2007

Lullaby for the Sleepy

No.3 - Lullaby for the Sleepy in A
The dots in A!

This is the third Smallpiper Folk Podcast. Thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback that I've had so far! It's been great! I've not used the repeat the two bar thing this time, so I hope it's still ok! As in the last tune I used GarageBand to create a veeeeeery simple backing, the chords don't really fit, but it makes it slightly more interesting to listen to. I've recorded it as a duet, and the dots have got both parts, but I've split them into apart and not directly on top of each other. I hope this helps a bit. Again the cast weighs in at 16Mb, so not for dial up really.
I mention in the podcast that I've already taught tunes using a normal website, you can see this here. If you fancy giving me feedback here with a comparison of what you've found easier, then that'd be really great!


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