Friday, October 26, 2007

Lament for the Lone Piper

No. 6 The Lament for the Lone Piper in A
Dots in A

Here is the next smallpiper podcast tune! I hope that it's ok! I was really chuffed with the reaction of the ensemble of the last tune so I thought I'd try it again. I wrote this tune a few years ago and wrote a part for string quartet. I thought it would be nice to record those parts, however, it might have seemed like a good idea at the time, it was really hard to do. I'm not really sure that I should put up this tune, but I did do it and I don't think I could face re-doing the parts again, so here it is anyway! Please be gentle with me! I think I need to dust of the bass a bit more and practise the parts a bit instead of just sightreading it straight away. Doh! I think I was too tired really and should have left it until after the weekend, but it's ok! I also wanted to try to record a tune that is from our new album (not released yet, but pretty close). It's hard to do some of our tunes because I have three extra notes to most pipes, so I have to avoid those tunes, which is most of them! I think though I'll arrange some so that they can be played and then cast them!

I mention in the podcast about the festival podcast that I'm going to make at the weekend. There's a link on the side of this podcast leading to it, it'll show up when I've posted the cast, hopefully early next week.

Thanks again for listening and reading all of this waffle!


nlweaver@verizon,net said...

Nice piping .
That is a sweet chanter. Who made it?

Smallpiper said...

Thank you. :) It was made by Hamish Moore. :)