Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Bare Bones

Download the podcast.
Download the dots to the tune.
It's been far too long since I last made a podcast and I was so inspired after meeting lots of Belgian pipers this week that read my blog, that I decided to record a new podcast. My pipes really didn't like the snow and cold this week, so when we got home from the Netherlands and Belgium they were wrapped up in a duvet and cuddled and given lots of tender loving care. I finally got them in tune enough to record the podcast. This tune is called Bare Bones and it's from our album Gleowien (track 10 Vintage Puget, middle tune). I plan on doing more regular podcasts from now, so watch out for the next tune!
Thanks for listening!


Kevin said...

What a cool little tune, Vicki! I LOVE it! Great, though, now here's something ELSE I need to learn... ;-)

Wim said...

Thanks for this tune. I am one of them that get your sign on the belows. I am still very proud. Whe are happy that we could be there in Belgium en you inspired us to studie harder on the smallpipes.
We hope to see your soon in Belgium or the Netherlands


Smallpiper said...

Thank you! You've inspired me too. (hug)