Saturday, August 29, 2020

Virtual Session in the bar at Halsway Manor - The säckpipa session!

I'm pretty sure most people will know I spend most of my time on my nyckelharpa blog. I've been running a virtual session there since the middle of May. This week however, Jonny couldn't be with me and it became a säckpipa friendly session! So join in with me and see what happens when Jonny can't come!

The tune list is as follows:

As we've said before, these sessions take a lot of time to put together and we definitely enjoy doing them. But I am up against a pretty hard deadline with the Virtual Halsway - so there may not be any sessions between now and then as I put together that weekend.

This leads me on to two little adverts!
The Virtual Halsway Weekend. I should have been at Halsway Manor on the 18th and 19th September with many other nyckelharpa players. As we can't do this I'm running some online workshops and session. You'll find all the information on my actual website - Click here! But we have Peter Hedlund, Leif Alpsj¨ø and Thor Pleijel doing some Zoom workshops. I am giving a nyckelharpa focussed Zoom concert in the evening. So check out the website and get yourself booked on!!

My second advert is for a Crowdfunding project I'm doing - an album of Dances from Terpsichore by Praetorius on nyckelharpa quintet. As of today I'm at 50% funded with three weeks to go.  Check it out!

See you at the session on Sunday!

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