Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Vicki & Jonny Episode

A Vicki & Jonny Episode
I got so excited at having finally recorded all the episodes of the tutor book that Jonny and I decided to put together a 'normal' podcast of some Scottish Smallpiping. So I went straight out into the shed and put this show together. Four different tracks in different keys from different albums just showing off the Scottish Smallpipes. So if you've heard the tutorials or the earlier podcasts and just want to hear some good old Scottish Smallpipe playing, this is definitely the episode for you! If you like what you hear there are oodles of links down the right hand side for you to follow to various sorts of shops!
Vicki & Jonny


Rowan Lee Hartsuiker said...

Hello Vicki,

I'm Rowan from Holland. I'm a great highland piper, situated in a dutch pipeband. In a few days I'll be 19 years, where my parents wanted to help me buy a set of scottish smallpipes. So they are just a few days from playing!!

I really like your music, it's great to listen to, and so full of inspiration for amateur-musicians like me!

I'm going to follow this podcast as soon as I'm able to, - I really like what you're doing, there is a lot of work in all this, which I really respect. And all for free, unbelievable. Most artists would ask [a lot of] money. I wish there were more people like you.....

I'm already enjoying this podcast, without even listening everything yet!!!

Keep up this work, I'm sure there are lots of people who enjoy your effort and work...

hello from Holland,

Smallpiper said...

Hello Rowan!
Thanks for posting your comment. If you send me an e-mail I'll give you the links to where all the podcasts have been moved to!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki,

The great thing about about the internet is that you can actually reach people all over the world. I too started as a Great Highland Piper, and after a University break from music, I'm headed back to the pipes. This time with small pipes. They are due to arrive in early February, hopefully the wait won't drive me batty.

Thank you for providing this service.

Hello from Canada; keep it up eh!