Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Chapter Five

Chapter Five Podcast
Chapter Five PDF

I figured a month was long enough in between posts! I've had some nice feedback, but I know that more people are downloading the files than are saying hello! So please, even if it's just a a hello, please let me know you're out there! Even if it's a negative comment, like what you're doing is no good, I'd like to hear it!

This month it's the turn of grace notes. This can be controversial, so I just want to point out that some of the gracenotes that I've included are there to give you the facility to use them. What I am teaching isn't gospel! So do the exercises, learn the gracenotes and then apply them as you see fit!

This chapter is also really long. I was going to cut it into two halves, but I really want to publish it today and it would mean going back and re-recording a new ending and a new start. It would be interesting to hear if you think this is too long! I know I prefer to listen to podcasts that are around the half hour mark, but I guess that this is a learning/teaching tool and slightly different maybe. Anyway, let me know! If you want to e-mail the feedback through you can use this address: vix[@] you'll need to remove the square brackets!

Please have a look at the questions in the last post and mail me or leave a comment here!
I would so love to hear any recordings that you make of any of these podcasts, so please send any though, that would be so fantastic!!!!



Smallpiper said...

There was a numbering issue with the pdf that I've fixed now, so if you've already downloaded the file, grab it again! It's been fixed!!!!
Sorry and cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Vicki!!

Another small error, so small that you may not want to mess with it. In the Index to Tunes in the first section, you have the tune, "Colin's Cattle" listed as being on Page 26 when it is actually on Page 23 at the end of Lesson Five.


clive said...

Hello Vicki,

We met at Cressing Temple and the Blowout this weekend and I've just been looking through your stuff on the web which you put me onto.

So far I'm impressed.

One of the great weaknesses of many "introductions" to piping is that they tend to go: Lesson 1 - here's note A. Lesson 2 - Here's another note, it's called B ... Lesson 8 - and finally here's the last note which is also called A. Lesson 9 - And here's a didley-didley tune with all the notes you've now learnt which you play really fast. Your much slower, systematic approach is far better suited to the kind of person who will be using it.

I've just (half) listened to the pod cast of chapter 5 (since I was marking a post-grad essay at the time!) and think I noticed that in tune 519 you play the rhythm of bar 9 (first bar of second line) as a minim + crotchet, although it is written the other way round in the text.

I look forward to going through the rest of the stuff later.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Hi. Vicki,

I must congratulate you on your project to produce an on-line tutor for the small pipes. I had wanted to learn for some time but lacked the confidence to go out and buy a set because of the cost involved. As a result of your web site, in May, I purchased a set in 'A' from Dunfion Bagpipes on Arran and I'm pleasently suprised at my progress. As I read music the theory side hasn't given me any problems and I can sucessfully sight read simple tunes.
I would like to make one comment which relates to your published tunes. Can you show suggested ornamentations as it would help me and perhaps others on what is suitable for the small pipes. I am also using a GHB tutor but some of the ornanemtations particularly using the low 'G', because of the stretch, are quite difficult.
On a technique matter, I note that most players have the drones resting on their right arm. No matter how I try to sit and adjust the instrument the drones constantly contact the top of the bellows. Is there something I am doing wrong?


Smallpiper said...

Thanks for your comments!! I've fixed the numbering thing, but not uploaded it. I have so many typos to go through and fix, so I'll upload a final version at the end! I'm busy editing lesson 6 at the moment and starting recording lesson 7 last night, so I hope to have them up soon! Please keep the feedback coming, especially anything about your experience of learning online like this!