Sunday, April 03, 2005

Pipe Tune: Pushbike

Pushbike in A
Pushbike in D
Dots in A
Dots in D

The next tune is here! This is a jig written by Jonny with some accompaniment by him. (I still added bass and flute though.) I played it quite slowly, I hope it's not too slow! This is the shortest podcast I've done so far, only weighing in at a little over 9Mb. Not sure what happened there! I hope that it's ok. As usual the D version is in squeaky voice. Maybe the next tune I'll record in D and then transpose downwards to a deep voice! This is actually a two part tune, a jig and then a reel. I only did the jig this week, but if you like I'll complete the tune with the reel next time. Just let me know!

Feedback as always is gratefully received! As I have mentioned before (but not recently) this is part of my masters research and I'm going to start writing it up very soon. So if you have any comments or observations about podcasting as a tune teaching tool, please let me know!

Thanks so very much for listening! Catch you laters!


Smallpiper said...

I've been asked to do a tune with some extra notes in it. So thought I'd just ask and check what extra notes I should use. I have a top B, top G# and a Cnat. I was thinking of doing a tune that involved high B and and G#. If G# is not a good note to do, then I'll pick another one... let me know!

Anonymous said...

I'm lacking the top B.... Got the G# Fn and Cn..... Just currious what your work is like beyond the 9 note barrior?

Ken Jones

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki,

What a great "gentle jig"! I for one would love to see you make a podcast of the reel portion of Pushbike.

Thanks for the time and effort you are putting in for the benefit of smallpipers (and other folk musicians). Your blog is a super resource!

Smallpiper said...

Finally I'm getting round to the second part of pushbike. I've ujst finished writing the harmony parts, so I'll look into recording it very soon!