Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Polska efter Johan Petter Landholm

I felt it was time for another video. I've got some new mouth blown säckpipa so I really wanted to give them a real burst. I had a few problems with tuning, so I think we've got a way to go before them and me are really working together well, but it's not a bad start!
This is another tune from Småland and it works well on both the Swedish säckpipa and on the Scottish smallpipes - (as long as you have the raised 7th on both, which I do!)
It's a slängpolska and I've played it as a duet on both one after the other. There is a bit of a pitch slide going on in the middle to get both sets of pipes to meet and the nyckelharpa wasn't really that happy, but we all got to the end!

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