Saturday, February 27, 2016

International Bagpipe Day 2016

It's the high point in any bagpipers life - March 10th is International Bagpipe Day! I love all my bagpipes so this year I felt that I should treat them all equally. So I had a hunt around and found this lovely little tune.
Vännens Långdans - The Friends Långdans
It's played here on Säckpipa (Swedish Bagpipes), Scottish smallpipes and English border pipes. As it's International Bagpipe Day I want to thank the makers of all my pipes too - without the makers we wouldn't have such wonderful instruments to play on!

The melody is on the säckpipa with a D/G chanter, so this means that if you've got a Scottish small D pipe chanter, then that will work if you want to play along. These pipes were made by Alban Faust. I also have säckpipa made by Börs Anders.

The first harmony is played on Scottish smallpipes,  you need a C natural thumb hole and and D drones to make it work perfectly. This is a combined Scottish smallpipe set with D chanter and an A chanter made by Hamish Moore. The A chanter has a C natural thumb hole, a high G# and a high B key.

Finally the third part is taken on the English border pipes in G made by Jon Swayne.

So all that there is to say is Tuta Lungt and enjoy the video! If anyone fancies recording themselves playing the tune on March 10th and sharing it I'd be over the moon!

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Unknown said...

Wonderful Wonderful Playing. Thanks for this on IBDay. I'm off to a local museum with my Northumbrian pipes for a mid-day tune on the day.