Scottish Smallpipe Tunes

There's going to be a list of the SSP playable tunes on this page, the list is a work in progress as I go through the blog!

Tunes written by Vicki Swan (me)
The Golden Birch
Jacob's Jig
Julia's Waltz
Sunrise over the Candlestick
Vännens Långdans

Tunes written by Jonny Dyer
The Willows

Scottish Tunes
The Eavesdropper

Swedish Tunes
Polska från Gladhammar
Polska efter Johan Petter Landholm (ideally needs a high G#)
Polska efter Jonas Hansson (needs C natural)
Polska från Tärnsjö
Røros Polska
Vals Number 3 after Gustaf Elfström

Tunes playable if you tape up your E to make an Eb
(The notes are in the wrong key, but I can add them if you drop me a line)

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