Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vintage Puget

Download the podcast.
Download the dots to the tune.
Here is my April 2012 podcast (let's not mention that it's May, I've got some catching up to do!) This is the third and final tune from one of the sets on the album Gleowien (track 10 Vintage Puget, first tune).
I promise to get May's podcast up as soon as possible.


Sara said...

Great tune - thank you. But what is a puget and why is this a vintage one?

Sara said...

Great tune - but what is a puget and why is it vintage?

Looking forward to the next podcast!

Smallpiper said...

Puget is a place in Canada, Puget Drive is where my friends lived in Vancouver and they used to make their own wine - thus, Vintage Puget. :)