Thursday, July 20, 2006

A competition!

Here is just a quick podcast for you guys! Thank you for downloading and using the tutor and the materials and the tunes! It's been wonderful to see people from all over the world taking part and learning the Smallpipes! Now it's your turn to do me a little favour and I'll send you a present to say thanks! I have 10 questions that I'd really like answered and in return I will send the first 20 people to e-mail me feedback a CD. I'd like the answers to be a couple of sentences for each question really, not just a yes or no answer. It'll be a seriouskitchen album, (I'm the piper on the album). All you need to do is to be one of the first 20 to feedback. I'm keeping the competition open for 7 days starting from the 21st July '06. I talk about the questions in the podcast, but I'll put them here and include a text file that you can send back to me if you like. So here they are:

1. How would you describe the quality of your learning experience?

2. Describe what you learned from the podcast?

3. To what extent did you enjoy the experience?

4. What changes could be made / added to these podcasts to improve the learning experience?

5. In creating the tutor book to podcast I have attempted to anticipate any difficulties and pitfalls, how succesful did I manage this? (Rate me from 1 - 10, 1 being not very good and 10 being fantastic)

6. How was the sequencing of the material in the tutor? (so far) Was it pitched at the right level for a beginner through to more experienced player?

7. Chapters seven to ten haven’t been recorded yet, how can the learning experience be improved?

8. Would you recommend this blog and podcast to other fellow (or would be) pipers?

9. What brought you to this podcast?

10. Any general observations?

Right click to download the text file!

Send your feedback here!!


Smallpiper said...

I'm so loving hearing from you guys all over the world, so I'm going to keep the competition open until Sunday night, so go for it, send me your answers. I'll put everyone who replies into a hat and the first ten I pick at random will get CDs. Please, please, please, the further away the better!!!!!

javivr said...

Hello Vicki!

My name is Javier, from Spain. I play Irish and Scottish music on the wooden flute and I´m trying to learn the smallpipes too. Is the competition still on? How can I get all your stuff? I don´t mind if I have to pay fot it. Better for free of course but really don´t mind. I find everything really interesting and usefull.

Best Regards,